About Us

Newzone Co., Ltd., the leader in hyaluronic acid, was established as a global biomedical company. That has experience in providing hyaluronic acid (HA) medical solutions.

We introduced a brand called Deverra based on cross- linked hyaluronic acid.

Based on integrity and open communication, NEWZONE is building excellent capacity and systems to meet the global standard with commitment and courage.

With continual R&D and exclusive technology, we are developing the Deverra brand with its own unique strengths.

Our Mission

With great quality product developers in Korea, we feel a sense of pride and responsibility for leading this aesthetic industry.

By pushing for more objective and scientific guidelines, we are using our efforts to make the Korean aesthetic industry more transparent and competitive.

Furthermore, we are going to focus on our product quality and customer service so that we become one of the world’s top brands in the aesthetics field.

Also, we will create meaningful performance with new businesses by increasing investment in R&D and pushing continuous commercialization.

Our Value

Deverra specializes in providing aesthetic and skin care technologies for medical institutes.

Deverra guarantees the quality of all of its references. Each one went through several quality control tests before, during, and after production.

Deverra Range research, formulation, and production with  KGMP certificate which stands for Korea Good Manufacturing Practice . It is the internationally accepted standard for medical device Quality Management System (QMS) .

Thank You